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Linux Kernel Overlapping Internet Fragment Bug - at 2020-09-12 13:00:21

Some Linux kernel versions had a bug in their ip fragmentation module which caused system crash during handling of a malformed ip fragment back in 1997. What's an Ip Fragment The "Internet Protocol" allows packets larger than the maximum transmission unit to be sent as smaller fragments. If an internet packet is fragmented; it uses "More Fragments" flag to indicate further coming fragments, "Fragment Offset" field to indicate fragments position and "IP Identifier" field to group fragments. The procedure for handling this in Linux kernel 2.1 is fairly simple. When the ip stack encounteres with a...

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The Idea Of Makefile Blog - at 2020-06-04 18:01:21

The meme about this post, by @vincentdnl. Nowadays, even the simplest static website generator are overly complicated and requires too much effort to learn and customize. A possible solution to this problem was use of easily accessible tools -if not already shipped with distro- with the power of GNU Make. First think I did was searching similar implementations with a makefile but I had no luck except for some generators which basicly call a script already written in a high level language and it lacked the extensibility...

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